Payment Processors



To keep the banking equipment in good working condition, qualified service of ATMs and  Payment Processors  is required. After all, in most cases, the client has a positive attitude towards the bank or another commercial organization based on the results of the services provided. However, the functioning of the financial network depends largely on the reliability of the functioning of such specific equipment. And it is desirable to trust only time-tested specialists to maintain the operating banking equipment.

In the arsenal of any company qualifying in this specialization, there should be a constantly replenished warehouse of original spare parts and modules, as well as modern diagnostic equipment that allows you to establish the fault as accurately and quickly as possible.

There are many different types of service. The standard version includes a complete package of services for performing service services, repairing ATMs, payment terminals. The subscription fee for this package includes the cost of both repair work and spare parts used. For example, companies perform the following functions:

  • Maintenance of the equipment network on a regular basis;

  • Work with software updates and settings;

  • Complete set of planned preventive works on the equipment (cleaning from dirt and dust, testing, check of integrity and wear of all modules and units, etc.);

  • Repair and restoration of operability of all units and components of equipment in case of failures in their operation, replacement of modules, units and parts that have failed or have worked their life - 8 (24) * working hours after registration of the application;

  • Universal service type (cost of works and spare parts are included in the subscription fee).

Qualified workers can provide specialized assistance in a short period of time.